About Us

Handcrafted Works…With a Story and a History

Meaningful purpose…this is the soul of Teracottage.

The inspiration that sparks the creation of our products is a story…A story waiting to be told and brought to life in our New Jersey atelier.

At Teracottage, our Artisan Garden Sheds and accessories are created as works of art and our offerings are “One of a Kind” or numbered limited editions.

We create each original item with such depth of detail, that a history record accompanies each product, documenting the inspiration and recording the origin of the special component parts. Future legacy pieces…created today.

Teracottage is a unique assembly of designers, craftsmen and artisans who share the vision and travel the journey to bring beauty, quality and interest into everyday life.

The company is the continuing vision of designer/craftsman Keith Pyontek and is the first child of the parent Re|Structure, a luxury brand design-build firm that creates homes which display clean design, superior craftsmanship and fine appointments.

"In Re|Structure, it is my desire to build home environments that reflect a certain quality lifestyle, a style that embraces the finer elements of life and abounds with the details that elevate the senses. To reach this plateau we must not only build structures, but also fill them with items that complete our intention."

Teracottage fills this niche as a home décor company that specializes in items for the yard and garden. Our work resonates with my passions for the home, nature, the arts and living a quality lifestyle.

Keith Pyontek (KP) is the founder and CEO of Teracottage. He is a true renaissance man with a long list of diverse interests that harmonize with his passion for style, respect for craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

KP has an un-quenchable thirst for knowledge, personal growth and exploration. His insatiable curiosity and “never settling” nature are the fuels that drive him in mind, body and sprit. He is a unique combination of principled intensity wrapped up in a quiet, Zen like personality.

Amongst his many interest, these are his areas of expertise:

Architectural Design and Construction, with special interest in the “construction arts” and traditional craftsmanship methods. KP is also the founder and CEO of Re|Structure Design-Build, which is the parent company of Teracottage. He is an accomplished architectural designer and detailer, a master woodworker, and skilled stone mason.

Horticulture - KP is an accomplished horticulturist trained and educated by both academy and self. Currently holds personal collection of over 700 rare plants.

Ichthyology - Since a boy, KP has had a love for the fishes and there biotopes. He has made several expeditions to South America, made several new discoveries and is known internationally for his work.

Keith's other interests are food and wine, fashion, nature, finely crafted mechanical things, the arts and all the elements that contribute to the expanding and elevated lifestyle.

In this category, our customers will find items ranging from garden tools and trellises, to chicken coops and cold frames.

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