Tree Bark Siding Shingles

Tree Bark Siding Shingles
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Real Tulip Poplar Tree Bark Shingles.
The bark is removed green from the tree, prior to timber harvest.  It is then pressed flat and kiln dried.  When it is removed from the kiln, we have an actual bark shingle.

Many of the shingles have moss and lichens growing on the surface.  They will spring back to life when wet.

Visitors to the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show saw this bark on our “Fancy That” potting shed which we have on display in the Jacque Amand Flower Bulb Specialists exhibit.  The response was so over whelming that we decided to offer this very special building component to our customers.

  • Shingles are available in 18 or 24 inch lengths. 
  • Widths vary from 8 to 16 inch.
  • Thickness varies from 3/8 to ½ inch.

Price $8.50 per square foot.

Sales and Shipping Information - Phone (609) 538-0160 

Price: $8.50