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Hayaloft is my first attempt at a designer tree house. The inspiration for this tree house occurred when a friend of mine, who lives on a farm, asked me to build a tree house for her son. I wanted to design a novel structure that was in harmony with its surroundings so… I embraced the farm elements and simply place them up in at tree. This tree house is for kids of all ages. What a great place to climb into at the end of a long day, sit back and watch the sun set on your back 40 acres.

Construction Style
Timber frame barn style construction. Teracottage tree house structures are custom designed and build for each location.

Framing Lumber – Douglas fir and Black Locust

Roof – Corrugated galvanized metal

Silo – Corrugated galvanized metal pipe

Silo Ladder – welded steel.

Offering Price
Total cost is dependent on the size of structure and its location. Please call for a consultation and price quote.

Price: Call for price