Chicken Coop {Old Farm No. 1}

Chicken Coop       {Old Farm No. 1}
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The Story

Introducing Old Farm Coop {No. 1}, the first chicken coop model designed by Teracottage and hand crafted at our New Jersey workshop from both new and reclaimed materials.  This "one of a kind" original, is very exclusive, with production being limited to only the one you see here. 

Drawing upon our own experience in backyard poultry keeping, we created this coop, being ever mindful of the birds and their needs...For the keeper, we fussed endlessly on design, the selection of the materials, and the craftsmanship of the build.  The result is this wonderful garden structure that is rich in esthetic values and lovingly giving in comfort and shelter for your pet chickens.  

The Description

Exterior Walls 

Reclaimed barn wood from a dairy barn Teracottage savaged in Hopewell Township, New Jersey. The boards are attached to the wood frame with authentic iron cut nails. Photo documentation of this barn is included with the structure. 


The roof framing is inspired by traditional timber frame construction. The beams extend through the structure and fully support the weight of the exposed Douglas fir rafters. 

The roof tiles are hand made clay tiles imported from Europe.   The tiles are installed on a wooden batten system, which is the authentic way to construct such a roof.  

The roof tile gable ends are filled with natural hydraulic lime mortar. an historical material that was used long before the invention of Portland Cements. This is a very unique material as it stays flexible and moves with tiles, has the ability to re-knit itself if a fracture occurs, and is enviromentally friendly. It actually pulls CO2 from the atmosphere as it cures.


Five custom built doors/hatches that are constructed with new and reclaimed lumber with hand forged iron hardware. 

Hen entry door has a unique counter weight open/close mechanism engineered by us. You can open and close the hatch from outside of the wire fence run. The flower pot (visible on the interior photo) is filled with hardened lime paste and acts as the counter weight which places 5 pounds of closing tension on the door. A fun, interactive element to the piece. 

Wire Fence Run 

This coordinated pen is constructed with Douglas fir and Cypress woods. The fencing is galvanized wire fence that resists corrosion. The run entends under the coop, which gives your chickens a nice shady spot to rest on those hot, sunny days. The end of the run opens as a door for access. The ring pull that operates the hen door is also at this location. 

Coop Interior 

Lucky chickens...Their interior space is just as nice as the exterior! 

The floor made from reclaimed barn wood planks that are finished and fastened with cut nails. 

The walls are tonge and groove pine and stained Driftwood Gray. 

The doors, trims, and roost perches are stained Indian Corn Red, and match the exterior.

Two nesting boxes (14x14 inch) with easy exterior access for egg collection.  


 4-6 birds 


Coop Length 5 feet 7 1/2 inches 

         Width 4 feet 9 1/2 inches (edge to edge of roof) 

          Height 6 feet 8 inches (ground to roof peak) 

Run   Length 4 feet 10 inches 

          Width 3 feet 3 inches 

          Height 3 feet 8 inches 

Total Length 10 feet 5 1/2 inches 


The coop is shipped fully assembled, just unpack, add chickens and enjoy.  

Packed a sturdy wooden crate, this coop can be safely shipped to any destination in the world. 


To order contact us at:  or call us at 609.538.0160   


Price: $3,400.00