Cold Frame

Cold Frame
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A Cold Frame is a simple way to extend the spring and fall growing seasons.  It is the perfect place for starting and “hardening off” seedlings, before they go into the garden and it is an ideal location to vacation houseplants outdoors, during the warm season months.  By sowing leaf crops such as spinach and lettuce directly in a cold frame, you can get as much as a 4 week jump on your spring planting harvest and extend you fall harvest season by about the same. 

The high quality outdoor woods and furniture quality joinery of this piece add a value of sophistication and beauty to a very functional garden accessory.    

Elements of the Piece

Base Box:  Cypress wood with dove tail corners is used in both the interior and exterior walls.  There is a 1” rigid foam insulated core between the interior and exterior walls, for better retention of interior temperature. 

Window Frames:  Solid Mahogany sash and frame with tempered glass in the frames and in both gable frame ends. 

Both widow frames are operable, using stainless steel hinges. 

Natural, hand rubbed clear finish with UV inhibitor.

Overall Length:  69 ½ inches 
Overall Width:   34 5/8 inches
Overall Height:  29 ½ inches  

This item is shipped fully assembled.  Simply remove from the crate and begin to enjoy. 
Please call (609) 538-0160 for sales and shipping information. 


Price: $2,300.00