Garden Spade with Fine Art Painted Handle

Garden Spade with Fine Art Painted Handle
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The Story

I have created the perfect gift for the gardener and a one where you can be certain, that your recepient does not already have.

Established gardners are often a challange to buy for.  They most likely have all the basic supplies they need, and their taste in plants may be specialized, so how do you contribute to their passion and not give them something they already have?  Our Fine Art Painted Garden Tools are the answer.  

I am creating a collection of Clarington Forge garden tools that are hand painted in the fine art manor.  I  commission fine artisan painters, whose work is exceptional, to create floral and botanical themes and apply them to the wood handles of rakes, spades and trowels.

The pieces are all limited editions, numbered and registered.  Since they are hand painted by the artist, each is an original, with no two being exactly the same.  

These are quite appropriate to use as decorative art, to hang on a wall or simply placed standing as an accent piece.  Of course, if one so desires, they can also be used in the garden.

This makes a wonderful commemorative gift for special occasions and events or for holiday giving to that special gardener in your life.

The Description

The Artist

For this first piece in our series of painted garden tools, I commissioned the fine arts painter and muralist, Eleanor Voorhees, of Lambertville, New Jersey.

Eleanor studied art in Tuscany, Italy with the University of Georgia, during an exchange program while she attended the University of Delaware.  Her traditional and old world training are very evident in her work and she has a very successful following.  

In this first series, Eleanor painted the handle with full and rich floral bouquet.  There is a subtle vibrancy to the colors and her arrangement is very alive and flowing remains classically refined with a vintage feel and Old World warmth.  

The Tool

This Rabbiting Spade, also known as a Transplanting Spade, is English made by Clarington Forge.

The spade has a single forged steel head with a "T" style hardwood handle.

Total length is 38 inches and the steel spade face is 5 inches wide.  

The thinner design and slightly tapered tip make this an ideal transplanting spade.  

Clarington Forge (aka Bull Dog Tools in the UK) have been English made since 1780.  The quality and strength of the tool are exceptional and it is backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

Walnut wood peg mount, for wall hanging is included.

Shipped in a Teracottage Gift Box.

Price: $275.00